Corporate Executive Health Program

InvestMed offers comprehensive medical care to support the health of your corporate team.

With a focus on prevention, we proactively manage executive wellness with diagnostic tests to proactively identify and address health issues.

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comprehensive medical care for your corporate team in BC

Executive Health Benefits

Executives can work long hours, are subject to stress, and may travel extensively.

Their physical and emotional health is critical to good decision making, so a comprehensive, proactive health plan is a sound investment.

Progressive employers understand that an investment in the health of their employees is good business. Concierge medicine promotes good health by identifying risks and discovering potential illnesses at the earliest stage.

Leadership Retention

The wellness of your executive employees is essential. The effort required to recruit, develop, and retain executive talent is extensive.

The cost of losing one of your executives or not properly looking after them and their health can be significant, and can include impacts on your business results, company culture, and succession planning.

Integrating health programs into a leadership retention strategy can result in a healthier and more engaged workforce, leading to reduced turnover and a more productive and satisfied team. 

Health And Focus

It’s evident that healthy executives can be focused and effective business leaders.

Taking time to “sharpen the saw” is a habit of successful business leaders – and this includes looking after physical and mental health. The personal and organizational benefits of health are immeasurable.

Healthy executives are in a better position to lead effectively, inspire their teams, and navigate the complexities of the business world. Organizations that encourage and support their executives’ health can reap the benefits of stronger leadership and a more engaged and productive workforce.

Employee Wellbeing

Everyone likes to be part of a strong team, and wellbeing flows from the top down.

Key employees are critical to the success of your business. They have dedicated their time and energy over the years to help your business thrive. Their vitality supports the measurable and intangible strengths of your team.

By prioritizing executive wellbeing, corporations actively promote a work environment that fosters positive physical and mental health, encourages a healthy work-life balance, and supports the overall development and fulfillment of their employees. 

Invest in Advanced Preventative Testing For Your Team

By investing in your executive’s health, you offer:

Improved Leadership: Healthier executives can lead more effectively, make better decisions, and inspire their teams with their vitality and well-being.

Increased Productivity: Better health leads to higher energy levels and improved focus, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Executives with good health are better equipped to handle complex challenges and make well-informed decisions.

Reduced Absenteeism: Prioritizing executive health can lead to fewer sick days and reduced absenteeism, ensuring consistent leadership presence.

Positive Organizational Culture: Promoting health among executives sets a positive example, fostering a healthier workplace culture for all employees.

Better Work-Life Balance: Executives who take care of their health are more likely to encourage a healthier work-life balance for themselves and their teams.

Talent Attraction and Retention: A focus on executive health can make your organization more appealing to top talent and improve retention rates.

Long-Term Success: Healthier executives are more likely to sustain their leadership performance and contribute to the organization’s long-term success.

Lower Healthcare Costs: By investing in preventive health measures, you can potentially reduce healthcare expenses related to executive well-being.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrating care for your executives’ health aligns with the principles of CSR and ethical leadership.

support the health of your corporate team with diagnostic tests in BC

The offered health check-up is customized by the physician based on age, gender, family and medical history, as well as concerns, signs, and symptoms identified during the initial medical evaluation.

This program is meticulously customized by the physician, taking into account various factors such as age, gender, family and medical history, as well as any concerns, signs, and symptoms identified during the initial medical evaluation. The personalized approach ensures that each individual receives the most suitable and targeted preventive care to optimize their overall health and well-being.

Diagnostic Testing Program

InvestMed offers diagnostic tests to proactively identify and address health issues, and help you potentially avoid serious illness. Our testing battery is age and sex-specific, and preventative screening tests may include:

Organizations that encourage and support their executives' health can reap the benefits of stronger leadership and a more engaged and productive workforce.


InvestMed's corporate health program includes personalized medical screenings and consultations to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our executive packages can be customized to any company size. Our corporate health program includes rapid access to diagnostic testing using state-of-the-art technology, as well as hands-on physical examinations with our doctors.

Corporate Services

Premium executive health program.

Please contact us for a custom corporate package. Specialized corporate rates available.

  • Comprehensive, proactive health plans
  • Customized screening tests
  • Extensive medical risk assessments
  • Preventive approach to healthcare

Proactively manage executive wellness.

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Why Choose InvestMed?

  • Personalized medical screenings to meet the unique needs of each patient
  • Rapid access to diagnostic testing for early detection of potential health issues
  • Emphasis on preventative medicine and prophylactic screening
  • Helping patients to maintain their overall well-being with cutting edge and state of the art technology

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