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Restore your microbiome health with AI-guided precision.

New research is suggesting that bowel health can be related to numerous medical conditions as well as sleep, weight loss, stress, inflammation, fatigue and immune system.

InvestMed’s gut bacteria testing discovers your microbiome’s unique nutritional needs and takes targeted action with health products and personalized food recommendations, addressing the root cause of the symptoms.

Approximately 5 million Canadians suffer from various chronic inflammatory diseases each year.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2023

  • Test : Gut Bacteria
  • Early Detection Of : Gut Bacteria, Microbiome Health, Chronic Inflammation, Immune System Health, Digestive Health, Weight & Metabolic Health
  • Included in plan : Gold
restore your microbiome health with personalized recommendations in BC

Gut Bacteria Testing

InvestMed’s gut bacteria testing is an individualized testing of a patient’s gut bacteria to determine what foods and supplements can maximize their health and well being.

Your microbiome constantly sends messages throughout your body, which can be heavily influenced by your diet and lifestyle. We translate these inner signals, unique in every microbiome, into Health Scores and actionable recommendations that are relevant and personalized to you.

Restore Your Gut Health

Our recommendations focus on targeting the underlying causes of your symptoms and restoring the health of your microbiome and cellular functions, which are foundational to your overall health and longevity.


Digestive Health

Energy and Performance

Immune Health

Sleep Quality

Weight & Metabolic Health

Benefits of Gut Bacteria Testing​

reduced risk of stroke and heart disease with diagnostic tests in kelowna

Every journey begins with a test to help you learn more about your health and assess your baseline.

How Gut Bacteria Testing Works

proactive health screening for young women in Canada

Reasons to Get a Gut Bacteria Test


InvestMed offers thorough health packages designed to meet the individual needs of our patients.

You can choose between a risk-specific package or a comprehensive package to analyze your health and wellbeing. Each package includes a comprehensive 1 hour physical exam and 1 hour review of results with recommendations to achieve optimal health.

Package costs will vary based on individual diagnostic test recommendations. Financing options are available.

Risk-Specific Screening Packages


Comprehensive Screening Packages