Preventative Medicine Assessment Tools

InvestMed preventative medicine services include the latest testing and technology, as well as a hands-on physical examination with our doctors.

Your testing package will include many of the tests below, and our doctors will determine a specific testing package for you based on your specific needs and risks. New tests are added as they become available and prove valuable in predicting and managing health outcomes.

1 in 4 deaths of Canadians under 75 are preventable given lifestyle changes or treatment.

Statistics Canada, 2023

Testing & Assessments

Blood clot scanning clinic in British Colombia
Calgary advanced Blood Testing Clinic
Highly advanced Scans and testing for heart issues in BC
Cardiogram tests and advanced private clinic scans in Kelowna and Calgary
advanced scan for Atherosclerosis risks and plaque formation
Get a private colonoscopy and cancer detection in Kelowna
Will you get Alzheimer's disease in the future
detection of blocked arteries to prevent heart disease in kelowna
early detection of heart problems and diabetes with body composition
early detection of bone fractures with diagnostic screenings in kelowna
blood tests for overall health and areas of improvement in BC
early detection of gene variants to prevent potential diseases in BC
minimize side effects and risks with personalized medications in BC
Mole mapping for cancer and other skin diseases
improved gut health with individualized microbiome testing in Canada
preventative health measures for executive wellness in kelowna
reduced risk of stroke and heart disease with diagnostic tests in kelowna

Specialized, Data-Driven Preventative Medicine

InvestMed executes a comprehensive proactive screening battery that can identify individual health risks and support long-term wellness.

If you are interested in maximizing your health for the long term you can choose to invest in a comprehensive physical exam and testing, and review of results with our doctor.

Mitigate your risk for potentially life-ending disease, and optimize all aspects of your health so you can best enjoy life now, and as you age.

InvestMed is a multi-unit operation, serving Kelowna, Calgary, and Vancouver.