The Test You Need to Prevent a Heart Attack

Calcium is a natural part of the body, but sometimes it appears in places where it shouldn’t.

When plaque builds up in the arteries, it can calcify over time and block the flow of blood, which leads to a heart attack.

A coronary calcium scan is a relatively new and accurate test used to determine the blockages of arteries in the heart. This knowledge can significantly reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

Every 7 minutes, a Canadian dies from heart disease or stroke.

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, 2023

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effective heart scan to detect levels of plaque in Canada

Coronary Calcium Scan

Calcium deposits usually begin to form years before any symptoms develop.

A coronary calcium scan uses computerized tomography (CT) to detect calcium deposits in the coronary arteries of your heart, potentially years before a standard exercise stress test could detect disease. The amount of calcified plaque is correlated with the patient’s additional risk factors to obtain the necessary information to chart a proactive treatment.

Calcium deposits do not correspond directly to the percentage of narrowing of the arteries. They do, however, correlate directly to the amount of coronary plaque and to the risk of future coronary disease.

Early Detection of Coronary Artery Disease

The main goal of the coronary calcium scan is to detect the blockages of arteries in the heart, or in other words, signs of coronary artery disease. A higher coronary calcium-score suggests you have a higher chance of significant narrowing in the coronary arteries and a higher risk of future heart attack.

What Your Calcium Score Means

The calcium score can range from zero to over 300. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the calcium score:
  • 0: No evidence of calcified coronary plaque
  • 1-10: Minimal
  • 11-100: Mild
  • 101-300: Moderate
  • 301 and higher: Severe
Your calcium score should not be considered alone, but rather alongside other risk factor measurements, including diabetes, smoking, family history, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This will help determine your risk for future coronary artery disease.

Benefits of a Coronary Calcium Scan

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Invest now in your future health and be fit for the long term.

How A Coronary Calcium Scan Works

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Reasons to Get a Coronary Calcium Scan


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