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When discovered in its early stages, patients with melanoma have a 97 percent chance of surviving.

However, as melanoma grows and spreads, that survival rate dramatically decreases to only a 17 percent chance.

This is why it is extremely crucial to catch melanoma early.

Mole mapping is a powerful tool to help in the fight against cancer. It uses a device that takes pictures of patients’ skin. Artificial intelligence then analyzes all the moles in the pictures and determines which can be suggested to be cancer.

Approximately 9,000 Canadians are diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer each year.

Canadian Cancer Society, 2023

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Mole Mapping

Mole mapping is a screening to detect skin cancer as early as possible.

Also known as Automated Total Body Mapping (ATBM), it provides a way to track changes on your skin if you have a large number of unusual moles or if you have a history of skin cancer.

Because it shows a history of changes to your skin over time, mole mapping can also help dermatologists diagnose melanoma and skin cancer earlier.

Early detection for skin cancer

Mole mapping involves a specialized computer taking high-resolution photographs of your skin to detect signs of skin cancer.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence

The baseline images taken of your skin are then compared to photographs of your body during your follow-up visit, which is typically scheduled the following year. With the use of artificial intelligence, the computer will then compare these images and highlight which moles are the same, which are new, and which are changing. You can then track them from every year to monitor any changes.

Examine Your Whole Skin Surface

Though it is most commonly found on your back or legs, melanoma can appear on any skin surface. With mole mapping, you can examine every part of your skin, leaving no questions unanswered. Mole mapping documents a full spectrum of moles. These include moles you have had for a while but then suddenly change. They also include new moles that you or your doctor may not notice unless you have skin photos to compare.

When to Follow Up

Follow-up times vary depending on your risk factors. Often, it is suggested to come in annually, but you may be asked to come back sooner based on your health history or any other conditions.

Benefits of Mole Mapping

Mole mapping can help identify skin cancers early and, in some cases, reduces the need for biopsies.

Those at high risk for skin cancer should talk with their doctor about the possibility of mole mapping.
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How Mole Mapping Works

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Reasons to Get Mole Mapping


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