Your Health Starts in Your Genes

Genetic testing can help guide some of the most important health decisions.

Decoding our genes is crucial in helping us make the right choices in optimizing our health. With InvestMed, you can take control of your health sooner, based on your DNA.

Our medical-grade DNA testing analyzes your genes that are linked to certain conditions such as cancer, heart disease, or inflammation. It can also determine if you carry, or have the ability to pass on, a genetic condition.

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada.

Statistics Canada, 2023

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  • Early Detection Of : Cancer, Heart Disease, Inflammation, Genetic Conditions
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DNA Testing

Genetic testing analyzes your genes, which are the instructions encoded in your DNA.

Your genes help determine your hair and eye color, height, and other physical traits that make you who you are. Genetic testing looks for variations in your genes that can potentially lead to disease. Our DNA lab test will take your saliva sample and scan it using 4.7 billion data points. After the scan, you will receive 38 comprehensive health reports based on your DNA, plus our longevity report, which could add 10 healthy years to your life.

Identifying Genetic Conditions and Preventing Diseases

Our medical-grade genetic testing analyzes your genes to find changes that may lead to disease. It tests 84 genes linked to the following diseases or conditions:


Heart Disease


Genetic Conditions

Benefits of DNA Testing

Genetic testing can provide essential health information and may improve outcomes by:

reduced risk of stroke and heart disease with diagnostic tests in kelowna

Don’t become a statistic.
Invest now in your future health and be fit for the long term.

How DNA Testing Works

Through a simple sample of your saliva, we are able to extract the DNA information we need to provide you with a customized DNA 360 report.

Our proprietary science-based genetic testing and research gives you a cohesive, meaningful, and personalized story of the cellular processes in your body—and what it means for your overall health and wellness.

Your comprehensive report gives you insight into your unique genome, the risk of any associated health concerns, and the strategies you can implement from a diet, lifestyle, and environmental perspective to optimize your life according to your DNA.

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Why Get A DNA Test


InvestMed offers thorough health packages designed to meet the individual needs of our patients.

You can choose between a risk-specific package or a comprehensive package to analyze your health and wellbeing. Each package includes a comprehensive 1 hour physical exam and 1 hour review of results with recommendations to achieve optimal health.

Package costs will vary based on individual diagnostic test recommendations. Financing options are available.

Risk-Specific Screening Packages


Comprehensive Screening Packages