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The healthcare system today can be reactive and slow to diagnose disease, leading to poor health outcomes for many diagnosed conditions.

InvestMed’s in-depth MRI scans can provide a clear picture of your health, providing comprehensive knowledge about what is going on under your skin – system by system, organ by organ, covering over 500 conditions.

Cancer is responsible for 30% of all deaths in Canada.

Canadian Cancer Society, 2023

  • Test : MRI
  • Early Detection Of : Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Spinal Fractures, Tumors
early detection of disease and cancer in kelowna, BC

MRI Scans

MRIs can be used to investigate and diagnose conditions, monitor changes and effects of treatment, and detect any early signs of disease.

MRIs can be used to investigate and diagnose conditions, monitor changes and effects of treatment, and detect any early signs of disease.

Early detection of disease and cancer

Unexplained pain, genetic predispositions, overall peace of mind—there are many reasons to get an MRI. Magnetic resonance imaging is a noninvasive diagnostic test used by InvestMed, that takes detailed images of the soft tissues of the body. The MRI scans are used to investigate, diagnose or prevent conditions in these areas:

Head and Neck

MRI can be used to detect brain tumors, traumatic brain injury, developmental anomalies, multiple sclerosis, stroke, dementia, infection, and the causes of headaches.

Arteries and Veins

MR angiograms can detect aneurysms, blockages of the blood vessels, carotid artery disease, and arteriovenous malformations.


MRI is sensitive to changes in cartilage and bone structure resulting from injury, disease, or aging. It can detect herniated discs, pinched nerves, spinal tumors, spinal cord compression, and fractures.


Used with conjunction with mammograms, MRIs can be used to detect breast cancer, particularly in women who have dense breast tissue or who might be at high risk of the disease.

Other Internal Organs

MRI scans can check for tumors or other abnormalities of many organs in the body, including the liver and bile ducts, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, uterus, ovaries and prostate.

Benefits of an MRI Scan

A full-body MRI scan is aimed at early detection of disease and cancer.

The scan uses anatomical and functional imaging sequences, and an approach called multiparametric imaging to scan many organs of the body in one session.
proactive diagnostic testing to detect health issues early for men over 65

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How An MRI Scan Works

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Reasons to Get an MRI Scan


InvestMed offers thorough health packages designed to meet the individual needs of our patients.

You can choose between a risk-specific package or a comprehensive package to analyze your health and wellbeing. Each package includes a comprehensive 1 hour physical exam and 1 hour review of results with recommendations to achieve optimal health.

Package costs will vary based on individual diagnostic test recommendations. Financing options are available.

Risk-Specific Screening Packages


Comprehensive Screening Packages