Let Your DNA Guide You to the Right Medication

When it comes to finding the right medication for you, the process is not one-size-fits-all.

Our genes make us unique, which means that our responses to medication vary as well. Almost 99.9% of people have gene variants impacting their medication response.

InvestMed’s blood genetic testing gives a comprehensive list of which medications will work best for you, as well as which ones are likely to not work or cause side effects, allowing you and your healthcare team to manage your health condition(s) as effectively and safely as possible.

9 in 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke.

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, 2023

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  • Early Detection Of : Pain, Infectious Diseases, Heart Disease, Mood and Anxiety Disorders
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Blood Genetic Testing

Blood genetic testing reveals which gene variants you have, and how they impact your response to medications.

It determines which medications and doses are likely to work best for you, allowing you and your healthcare team to personalize your treatment to achieve the best possible outcomes, while minimizing side effects and safety risks.

Finding the Right Medication For You

InvestMed’s blood genetic testing provides you with a personalized insights report that offers guidance on which drugs are likely to work best for you, and which you should avoid (based on increased risk of side effects or drug interactions). It provides insights for pain, mental health, and other therapeutic areas such as cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, and more.

The report places over 225 medications into 4 categories, based on your genetic profile:

Do Not Use

This medication is NOT recommended for you. Try to use an alternative drug instead based on possible therapeutic failure or side effects.

Use With Caution

Your response is expected to be different from most people as you have a gene variant that may impact the drug’s effectiveness or tolerability.

Use As Directed

Your response to this medication is expected to be similar to most other individuals, and no unique recommendations are provided as a result.

Use As Directed Preferred

Based on one or more drug gene interactions identified, compared to others, you have an increased likelihood of responding to this drug.

If a gene-drug interaction has been identified that could impact your response to a specific medication, you will see a personalized drug recommendation.

This will include your predicted response to the medication, dose recommendations and the possible risk of side effects such as hives, nausea, or weight gain.

Benefits of Blood Genetic Testing

With blood genetic testing, the goal is to match the right drug to the right patient to achieve the greatest benefit with minimal side effects.

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Don’t become a statistic.
Invest now in your future health and be fit for the long term.

How Blood Genetic Testing Works

Whether you have been managing a mental health condition for 10 years, trialling a dozen different antidepressants, or just dealing with post-surgery pain, knowing what medication is likely to work best for your body, with the least side effects, can make a world of difference.

With InvestMed’s blood genetic testing, you can get all the information you need from the comfort of your own home.

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Why Get Blood Genetic Testing

Everyone is unique, and so is our response to medication. Making sure you are prescribed the right medication for you based on your genetics is crucial to avoiding complications in the future.


InvestMed offers thorough health packages designed to meet the individual needs of our patients.

You can choose between a risk-specific package or a comprehensive package to analyze your health and wellbeing. Each package includes a comprehensive 1 hour physical exam and 1 hour review of results with recommendations to achieve optimal health.

Package costs will vary based on individual diagnostic test recommendations. Financing options are available.

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